Security Chain Limited is a company created by engineer Oscar Bellina Lishner (OB). After several years of research, investment, and development in microchips, OB's ideas led to more advanced tracking devices to protect and secure luxury items and personal data. To make the forefront technology, the use of IBM's pre-existing technology in blockchain was then included. Mr. OB's innovative ideas combined with IBM's leading technology gave way for their works to evolve; thus, creating the New Future.




    Partnered with IBM's blockchain platform (30 years of development)  and the use of cloud data storage (located in your country of use), Securitychain is a state-of-the-art application to protect any luxury items ranging from the smallest diamonds to the most exquisite historical paintings and artworks. Our blockchain software uses specialised coding, signature, and time stamping that is immutable.  

Date of Initiation: Spring 2021


IP Chain

  Every citizen and newborn child (at time of birth) will have their own IP; therefore, replacing your current identification method that will be recorded, protected, and stored in the cloud network. Newborn children will have their genetic codes from the cord blood as one of their first recordings; in addition, giving rise to medical advancements. Your IP will replace the need of physical documentation anywhere in the world such as passports, birth certificates, medical history, property titles, banking etc. Every event of an individuals life including purchases will be documented and unalterable under your IP. 

To be released in 2021


Food Trust

 IBM's currently functioning system for large food corporations, has been redesigned by OB. In this new edition (to be released soon) we incorporate any individual, small, and medium sized companies/organisations to have the rights of use of or our application to promote growth and greater success; furthermore, being a new technologically secure competitor with larger firms.  

IBM Food Trust



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